Saturday, April 23, 2005

When it's all said and done

The whole trouble with blogging is this pressure thing. For me, articulate broadcasting of opinion only ever follows an urgent desire to commit some inspiration to posterity by writing it down. An urgent desire to immortalize my inspiration only ever follows a ripple on the surface of my pond (I've been irked).
I haven't been irked lately, at least not sufficiently. The only thing mildly irking is my wife. She said I have to post a blog before we go out to eat. And I'm hungry. That's the only thing that's mildly irking right now.
So in my quest for inspiration, I checked the news. The pope wants open dialogue with the press. This is news. I would think it would better qualify as news if the pope had told the press that they can go peddle peanuts. He decided pressing matters would be tended to more quickly if all the journalists swarming around Vatican City were rounded up, given 'til sundown to get out of town.
I also see that critics of affirmative action are roiling the waters over this recent shooting in Atlanta where a linebacker-sized criminal took advantage of a five-foot-two female deputy and escaped, killing in the process. Again, I was struck with irony.
I think it is tolerance, more than anything else, that leads to so many tragedies in this country, and others.
Is it not obvious that a five-two female deputy may be a little less imposing than say a six-foot 205 pound male deputy in good physical shape.
Yes, it's obvious. But we must not hurt the five-two female deputy's feelings. We musn't give the impression that we view the 205 pound gorilla as stronger, faster, and more imposing.
So we give a dangerous, highly important, public safety responsibility to a lesser qualified individual and everyone feels terrific about themselves and everybody else. We feel good because we haven't been judgemental and stereo-typical and the deputy feels good because she hasn't been discriminated against.
The only people not feeling good about everything are the dead ones and their families.
Another triumph for tolerance. And civilized society progresses thus.
And so does my hunger.
More later. Need brain food.

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Bill said...

Boy, are we going to enjoy this! I'm sure your wife was proud that she made it into your blog. We have decided that you get your talent from both of us. Dad is a thinker, but doesn't know how to put it into words. I have the words, but I'm not a thinker. And the driving force is guess who - Devan! Thanks, Devan and thanks, Nathan. That was very good.