Saturday, April 30, 2005

A very recent discussion had over biscuits and gravy at Cracker Barrel tilled up some new soil in my thoughts.
The name of a well-known gospel singer and the reluctant bombshell he dropped on his unsuspecting fans prompted a wandering discussion between Devan and I about the origination of what we call homosexuality.
Seems the singer's admission that he struggles with homosexuality gives some credence to theory promulgated by homosexual activists that their orientation is an inheritance, a birthmark stamped on their genetic makeup, rather than a deliberate choice.
Any credibility lent to this idea makes us shrivel up inside, petrified at the thought that anyone could have been actually created with this malady.
My lack of knowledge on the scientific aspects of genetics notwithstanding, I personally believe that there probably are some people born lacking an attraction to the opposite sex, but I do not believe, again, personally, that people are born with a natural attraction to the same sex. I think that the power of suggestion in our society and in societies and cultures since the beginning of time (homosexuality is not a child of the twenty-first, twentieth, or even nineteenth century) plays an enormous role in actually creating homosexuals. If, strictly hypothetically speaking, a person were born with the genetic tendencies that they tell us lend themselves to homosexuality but born in a society where there had never been a homosexual and the concept didn't even exist, the idea would never cross their minds. The reason I specify, strictly hypothetically, is because I anticipate an argument brought that points out that there must have been a "first" homosexual, the pioneer and the reason the argument is rendered hypothetical is named Lucifer, the father of all lies.
But for me, the issue of genetics is important enough, but only secondary.
Why does it matter if homosexuality is, in fact, genetic?
More specifically, does being born with a tendency make it right to carry it out?
Obviously, no, if you believe, and I do, that all of us are born with the tendency, the bent, in fact, to do evil.
The concept we must battle is not a scientific concept of genetics born in the 'nineties, it is an ancient concept, a Medusa monster that never dies. Most notably, in America, it manifested itself in a free-thinking, make love, not war revolution we remember not-so-affectionately as the 'sixties.
That's right. If it feels good, do it has morphed into a self-justifying, self-edifying idea that whatever we want to do, it must be right.
Because. . .why? Because it cannot be wrong if you genuinely want it. In fact nothing is wrong. Right and wrong are subjective, anyway, and TRUTH, oh truth is relative, and how dare anyone presume to know the truth. Everyone has their own truth.
Welcome to the twenty-first century, where sin is not really all that different and creative. It's just the same tired, old lie it's always been.
It would be easier, perhaps, to rubber stamp homosexuality as demon possession or mental instability, and maybe in some cases, it is. But, I think in more cases, it is simply a mutant, particularly virulent strain of an old disease that infected us all from birth.
Thank God, there's a cure, instead of therapy.


Dee said...

I know that this particular issue is something we don't like to talk bout, but it does raise some pretty hard questions. And...
I think you hit the nail on the head. It is a "sin-problem", and Yes! There is a remedy!
The sooner the world realizes this, the sooner alot of confused and guilty people can find hope.
Apollogist, keep up the good work.

Bill said...

Very thought-provoking! You're not afraid to tackle the hard ones, are you? We enjoyed it.