Saturday, March 13, 2010

March Insanity

I have had a bad case of, well, I won't say writer's, but blogger's block.
But for those addicted to my blog (stranger addictions have enslaved people; sniffing paint, drinking Drano . . .) I have called in a pinch-hitter, a guest blogger who has been pestering me for years for their big break. It was getting a little pathetic, entreaties kept coming accompanied by ProFlowers, candygrams, and once, weirdly, a PajamaGram. I was feeling stalked, so I relented.
Really, I was surprised by this article because I was feeling a little like the only nut in a sane asylum, or whatever. I like college football, but . . .
Just consider this a plea for common sense from a person living in Kentucky where the whole town, already suffering from early onset March Madness, is on the edge of a sports driven mass hysteria. Just today, the Wildcats destroyed their arch-rival Tennessee, and if the jubilant blue-clad throngs weren't flooding the streets, they were by-George flooding the restaurants and retail outlets following the ill-timed midday game.

Sports Fanatics | Christianity Today | A Magazine of Evangelical Conviction

Comments, please. Especially, if you disagree.


wncjr said...

Preach it brother.I think Americans craze for sports is one of the reasons why our country is in the shape it is today.God is being crowded out of our lives. A car dealership in lexington ky is selling Mustangs with the team logo and the coach's signature on the side! How embarrassing. Only 71thousand dollars each.Why not buy one for each day of the week?

Devan said...

I see a capitalistic idea here...Buy all the logo cars, raise the price to $140,000, and then sell them to the crazed fans! Wha-la! They get their depreciating piece of fiberglass and I'm a millionaire!

wnc said...

March madness turns to april showers.Rain on the parade.