Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Miss Conservative USA

I, for one, am so thankful to have another fellow Christian as a spokesperson in a public arena. To think that God brought Ms. Prejean up through all those pageants and displays for just such a time as this! Not since Esther has there been such an obviously divinely appointed young woman who would, with God's help, speak the truth, mindless of the firestorm that would follow. It has been such an uplifting experience for all of us, reading about Miss Prejean's convicted stand. And now Christian parents all across America have a role model to which to refer their young daughters!
We all hope Miss California will continue her career in Christian standard-bearing.
Maybe she could star in a Mel Gibson movie.


Mark M said...

Well, after Ms. Prejean's response the lesbians in the audience may have been disappointed but I can assure you the male heterosexuals were not. :-) Do we want our daughters to think this sort or exposure is perfectly normal behavior to be embraced and emulated?

Paste this link into a browser to see what I'm referring to:

Mom said...

Did you know Dr. Dobson had her on? I'm anxious to listen to it. I can't imagine that he would be perfectly OK with her pageant costumes, much less the other pictures. I LOVE your sarcasm, especially comparing her to Esther.

Nathan Carpenter said...

Sarcasm? Heavens, what a thought!
I heard Dr. Dobson lauding her extraordinary courage, and honestly, I had no stomach for the rest of the interview.
Just in case there is any doubt, the post was nothing but pure sarcasm. I am so sick and tired of the adulation this woman is receiving. She represents vapidity and emptiness and I'm sickened to see conservatives making fools of themselves over her. Male conservatives.
I've no interest in holding her up to some wesleyan holiness standard, and I hope she becomes a deeper person, but, as far as conservative rallying cries are concerned, I rate this one right below the Duke lacrosse players and the FCC censure of Howard Stern.