Saturday, August 02, 2008

Another Kind of Test

Have you considered my servant "?"; a blameless and upright man.

There is none like him in all of the earth.

Yes, well . . .

It remains to be seen what he would be in a vacuum.

He needs you. He has nothing else. He clings to you in the absence of everything else.

Give him some worldly pleasure, even just a little innocent earthly success and he may no longer require your crutch.

. . . . .or, don't you trust him?

I know him.

Then, your omniscience, it would, or should, offer proof of your boasting to allow a few distractions to come his way.

As of now, you handicap all of my efforts of seduction with his miserable circumstances.

Let me give him what I can, and we shall see if he still needs, or, wants, you.

Let him be tested.


wncjr said...

Good blog.I am grateful to God and Job for giving us an example that we can stand true whatever comes our way.

wncjr said...

PS;looks like the clouds are building.