Saturday, March 15, 2008

Reverend Right

So I did a little reading up on this Reverend Jeremiah Wright. More specifically, I read up on his theology.
Black liberation theology appears to be a child of an effort launched in Mexico in the 1960's to pressure the Catholic church into a less autonomous, more empathetic philosophy.
And, indirectly, this appears to be an extension of the social gospel.
This is Christianity as a political movement, a societal revolution.
Seems that maybe the people who would've forcefully coronated Jesus as king of a political revolution were right after all and Jesus was just being a little timid or perhaps too heavenly minded to be of any earthly good when He removed Himself from their efforts.
Wright's shock talk isn't as tiring as his theologian role.
What is it, insecurity, immaturity, that paints a black face on Christ, or a white, Asian, Hispanic face?
It's not uncommon to hijack Jesus and crown Him as king of your agenda. It's Christianity extrapolated from humanism. Or, the reverse.
It is an effort to make the One who demanded you forget self the advocate of your self-interests.
It is an off-center portrait of Christ. He is fuzzy in the right foreground and the focus is on anything but Him.
He said, "The poor you have with you always."
What did that mean? Forget 'em?
More like, "Look at Me first. Focus on Me with all your soul and your priorities will realign the way I want them."
Social injustice grieves Jesus, almost as much as self-centerdness.
The one thing our Lord demands above all else is that we accept Him as the Creator of our desires and aims, and not attempt to re-create Him as the adjudicator of our interests.


Anonymous said...

"rev wrong" Nice blog according to my dictionary,and my humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who uses Jesus to push their own agenda is truly deceived...I hope that Rev. Right comes to see the error of his ways and repents for all the hate he is currently in the middle of right now. Maybe then he can truly see Jesus.