Monday, February 04, 2008

Nowhere to Go

What purpose, you may ask, does it serve to continually dish up dirt on the top two Republican presidential contenders?
Because it is revealing to note how the political process works, and sobering but important to note how far things have regressed in the past several years, notably since 2006.
After the Democrats regained control of Congress, I was fearful (pessimistic) that this would cause the GOP to lurch left. At the time, it was Guliani I was eyeing suspiciously.
Now we have the frontrunner, the maverick, the thorn in the side of the elephant, the evangelical basher John McCain who claims the conservative label as loudly as anybody but has little right to claim it.
But this post has to do with the other one, the man conservative talk and print leaders are ramming down our throats as the true conservative.
Try this: "Mitt and Kerry wish you a great Pride Weekend. All citizens deserve equal rights, regardless of their sexual preference" This was printed on a leaflet distributed in Boston in 2002 during the annual Gay Pride March. Romney was running for governor, Kerry (Healey) for lt. governor.
And this:"We must make equality for 'gays' and lesbians a mainstream concern." This from a letter from Romney to the Log Cabin Club of Massachusetts, a Republican gay and lesbian rights organization. Romney also stated in the letter that he would be a stronger defender of gay rights than, hold on to your hat, Ted Kennedy.
Alan Keyes contends that Mitt Romney is himself responsible for the legalization of gay marriage in Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Supreme Court declared the current marriage law unconstitutional but gave the state legislaiture 180 days to redefine it. Romney beat everyone to the punch. Romney said he had no choice. "Exercising illegal legislaitive authority" says Herb Titus, constitutional law expert, Romney issued an executive order ordering all state clerks to change state marriage forms and begin registering same-sex couples.
This is our "conservative" option.
Begins to make the lesser of two evils sound like a gross understatement.

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