Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Is There a Pro-Lifer in the House?

My head is spinning.
How does a Republican presidential candidate who lobbied on behalf of an abortion clinic garner the Oscar for pro-life candidates?
Fred Thompson's latest response to the accusation of abortion lobbying was finally direct, and numbing. (His earliest response to the charge was an ill-conceived attempt at Reaganesque chutzpah. Something to the effect that it was summer and the flies were out. The flies were buzzing around his head alright, but it was mostly because they thought he was dead.)
But after playing coy about it for three months, he finally blurted out his excuse.
That was business, and this is politics, and he doesn't mix the two.
I don't have to extrapolate anything from that admission. He essentially said that profiting from abortion has nothing to do with opposing it. And the truly stunning thing is that he doesn't appear to be the least conflicted about it.
Add to that a television interview in which he was either desperately groping for the tolerance angle or possibly his brain hit the mother of all skip channels.
He stated that he didn't think it was right to consider jailing young women for having abortions.
The host of the interview still has to be scratching his head over that one. Did I ask?
I can't help but sympathize a little with Paul Weyrich and his surprised anger over the NRLC endorsement.
However, Weyrich suggesting that Thompson paid the nation's largest pro-life organization may be a little hasty. And did Weyrich presume that his guy was going to land that endorsement? Mitt Romney was initially pro-life until deciding to run for governor of Massachusetts. He then felt that choice was prudent, until deciding to run for president. Now he's back to pro-life. I wouldn't suggest that the timing was suspicious, merely that I feel sorry for him. All that hand-wringing must be emotionally exhausting.
One thing I can't help but like about John McCain. One thing. He is occasionally the soul of levity and brevity. Upon hearing of Pat Robertson's endorsement of Rudy Guliani, he managed, "Every once in a while, I am left speechless. This is one of those times."
It didn't really surprise me. The only time that Pat surprises me is when he does something normal. In a discussion with a black friend once, we were able to commiserate. "I got Jesse Jackson, and you got Pat Robertson." he said. Baggage neither one of us needed.
I guess I can only say one thing and I say it somewhat reluctantly.
Help, Huckabee.

Not much organization here, just a few thoughts.


Dee said...

I don't like any of them. I've thought up a solution (and a great bumper sticker that'll drive the Bush-haters crazy!): "Bush: Dictator for Life" Has a nice ring to it, don't ya think?

Blake said...

A nice ring, indeed; sounds a lot like Stalinist Russia, or Venezuela, or perhaps its of a higher, shriller fascist pitch. Not a Bush hater, but the guy's not exactly Reagan. Think we'd be better off sticking with the cornerstone of this nation: democracy.

Nathan Carpenter said...

No, he's not Reagan. He's better.
And thank goodness we all have a sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

You know I'm busy when I don't find time to read your blog. I just read the last three posts and got a good laugh, as usual, as well as being prompted to think about some things. You always cause me to think, and I like that.