Thursday, September 27, 2007

If You Care

Last election cycle, we had a herd of contenders jostling for the Democratic presidential nomination. The final head count going into the primaries was nine. It was natural enough to refer to them as the nine dwarfs, the trouble was deciding who was Grumpy (Howard Dean?), Sleepy (not Howard Dean), Happy (not Howard Dean), Dopey (a nine-way tie), etc.
Well, my fellow Republicans, I am about to transgress Ronald Reagan's eleventh commandment.
On the Republican side you have what looks like a line forming at the water fountain.
Have you ever seen anyone looking presidential in line at the water fountain?
The top-tier candidates (new media obsession word) which now appear to consist of Guliani, Thompson, non-candidate Gingrich, and Romney are enough to make me consider not voting. I know I cannot conscientiously not vote, but, I'm also wondering how I can conscientiously vote, particularly if I'm faced with Guliani, Gingrich or Thompson.
RINO does not even begin to describe the New Yorker's New Yorker Guliani. If you are tempted to start viewing Guliani in the stage lights of electability, ask yourself how much better off we would be if we sold our soul to the devil to elect a Republican. I understand there is such a thing as throwing your vote away on an unelectable candidate, but you must have a rudimentary knowledge of New Yorkers' values. They have none. I admit I would be stunned if a pro-choice, pro-civil union, pro-gun-control (yes, I know he addressed the NRA, and I've never heard a Republican sound so much like a Democrat) candidate won the GOP nomination, but stranger things have happened. Northeastern Republicans are mystifying to anyone living below Pennsylvania. It's not unlike being a Unitarian and attending the Southern Baptist Church.
Newt Gingrich, on the other hand, carries some socially conservative credentials. He carries them everywhere he goes, like a driver's license. If he's pulled over by evangelicals, he's covered. This is what bothers me. I would prefer he carry them like a concealed weapon.
His affair is also problematic. Marvin Olasky of World Magazine recently wrote an article in which he discussed the findings of researchers who have found that candidates who struggle with honesty in their marriage tend to struggle with honesty in other areas as well.
What a shock. His point, though, was a good one. Can we trust the country to a man who was unable to keep the most basic vow to his wife?
The man is fiscally brilliant and articulates conservative economic policy like no other. So I think he should stick to his political action committees and leave leadership to leaders.
Now, ol' Fred.
I have a personal sticking point with Fred Thompson. I know we're not electing a pastor here, but a 65 year old man with a ten month old son and an eighteen year old wife just creeps me out.
Not to mention his eighteen year old wife (little exaggeration there) dresses like a seventeen dollar hooker.
James Dobson, not the Apostle Paul by any means, but a very good source of information if you happen to be a Christian and you happen to vote, rained all over Thompson's parade in an e-mail to friends. Thompson "has no passion, no zeal, and no apparent 'want to' " and furthermore, "can't speak his way out of a wet paper bag." He also pointed out that Thompson opposes a constitutional amendment to defend marriage and supports McCain-Feingold finance reform.
Mitt Romney. I am suspending judgement on Romney, but I'm definitely not excited about him.
If you don't mind me quoting Olasky again, Romney is "slick."
And his pro-life credentials are somewhat suspect as well. They look a lot like George Bush Sr.'s in 1988. Can a man change his mind? Absolutely. About whether murder is murder? Possibly. It just stinks when a Massachusetts governor suddenly changes his mind about abortion with the national scene looming in the distance.
The fact is, they all look mighty small standing in the shadow of the current president.


Anonymous said...

Your last sentence sums it up in "half of a nutshell." (little Lum 'n' Abner lingo, there) It would be mighty hard for anyone to live up to George W. Bush in my mind. It is demoralizing to not have anyone running that you can get excited about.

Charity said...

Thanks for the insights! I must admit, I haven't kept real up to date on the political scene. It's a little confusing with all those guys I don't know much about. We Texans need to prep another governor! But I have an idea... why doesn't congress just do away with term limits??? (Just kidding, really... we might eventually end up with another FDR. Ouch!) But it would seem to solve the current dilemma. :)

Dee said...

I'm very disgusted with the current GOP selection...Don't know what I'm going to do...'nough said!!

Blake said...

While I do not pretend to understand the possibility of Fred Thompson--and therefore find the American obsession with celebrity confounding, profoundly frusterating, I also am taken aback by the acrimony towards the man's marriage. Why is it so unsettling that a 65 yr old man be married to an attractive 40 year old woman? Why do eyebrows raise unapprovingly at their having children? Aren't they a married couple? Why should they have to refine their parental aspirations? Fred Thompson is nothing more than a bumbling, stammering wannabe, one whose grandiose visions of the Oval Office were perhaps unecessarily nourished by his ambitious, young, vibrant attorney/lobbyist of a wife. But societie's discomfort with his "trophy wife" is insufficient, not enough to strike him from the ballot. As far as we know, he has been faithful to her, which gives him a huge head start on the sanctimonious Newt Ginrich, who is morally repulsive, politically repugnant. And if any of these candidates are outside Crawford, TX city limits, they are also safely outside the current presidential shadow.

Michael & Ruth Anne Arnold said...

I think Christians should also ask themselves if they are willing to vote for someone who proudly espouses himself with a cult.

Mormonism, Mitt Romney's religion of choice, is simply that, by definition.

Just thought I would add a ray of sunshine to our already bright prospects for '08.

Although I am not excited by Fred Thompson, I am beginning to view him more and more as the one with the most potential. He bores me less than McCain.

Hillary on the other hand...