Monday, June 06, 2005

The Great Bully

Dear Reader,

I guess I just need to blow off some steam and vent a tad-bit of frustration.
I think I need to take a careful look inside myself and ask a question, "Am I a viable, reasonably intelligent, and informed human-being; able to form thoughts and come to a concrete opinion all on my own?

I answer with a resounding and resolute reply, "Yes"!

Obviously, the vast number of free-thinking media personnel, those gods of the written word, who by the flick of the almighty pen hurl their enlightened ideas into the universe, would gladly inform me of my lowly stupidity!

Of course, which one of us is right?

Surely that man or woman, with a string of titles and degrees a mile long, would be the one with all the answers!? They are the ones who have taken the courses in journalism (the way to indoctrinate, oops, I mean "inform" those stupid, middle-class, flag-waving hicks of the way the world really is turning), environmentalism (the way to care for "Mother earth" like good, well- behaved children, never disturbing her by ripping down trees to make paper so they can spout their editorials...oops! There I go again! Pardon me!), world religion (the way to become a mouth piece for every religion, except Christianity. Learning how to defend, with all the passion and emotion inside their being, that religion the 9-11 terrorists embrace as their guiding light.)

You know, I realize that I could go on and on about the way things are, but frankly, it just all makes me sick!

When I see and hear day after day, on-the-hour-every-hour, the gripes and groans from a clearly biased media, I just want to stand up and shout back! And you cannot be truly honest to yourself and your God-given, human intelligence and tell me that the media is not biased!

But when things get so bad that it becomes abuse to pee on the Koran, while on the flip side it's art to put a crucifix in a jar filled with the same! Come on, people, you are not such a hopeless case as to still believe the media outlets, ABC, NBC, CNN, etc., are fair and balanced?!

Just the other day, my husband posed a question to a co-worker, recently returned from the battlefront in Iraq. He asked if the returning soldier thought that the USA was doing any good by being over in the Middle East. The soldier replied, without hesitation, that we were doing so much good by helping those people establish a democracy of freedom. My husband totally agreed, and then went on to personally thank the soldier for all of his sacrifice on behalf of his fellow Americans.
Okay, now here comes the zinger.
The man replied, "You know, that's the first time since I've returned, that anyone has thanked me for what I've done".

For shame, for shame America!

People, we need to get our heads out of the sand and wake up! We are at war! We were attacked! Our very existence is being threatened by these radicals terrorists! There is no negotiating with someone who believes it is their religious duty to blow up Americans, and not just Americans, but anyone who is non-whatever they claim to be! If this isn't an intolerant attitude, then I don't know what is! But, yet, our media would have us believe that we, the Americans, are the enemy! We, with our nation founded on Christian principles, are the enemy.!

I don't know about you, but I am going to stand firmly behind my country, president, and military, because without them we would all be dead! God help us to not be afraid to voice our own opinions, to think for ourselves; to not be bullied into cheering for the enemy.

Yes, I am an intelligent individual who is willing to stand up and shout back. I will not be told what to think. I have in front of me the same stack of facts as the media. The only difference between me and a whole lot of others is this: I purpose to actually use my brain to think through the issues. I refuse to be bullied.

More later. Comments welcome (but only if their your own)!


Bill said...

I think I felt some of that steam way out here in the sticks! :) I totally agree with everything you said, though, and I, too, feel the frustration. I think the liberal media and judges are my two most unfavorite professions right now.

NC said...

extremely well said. being on the receiving end of the condescension from the media continually turns my stomach. thank you for putting our thoughts into words,